Meet Favor

Hey guys! Thank you so much for checking out my blog! I hope you return often and receive inspiration, encouragement, and maybe even some good laughs through my site. I’m all about positivity, education, and being intentional about living a life that represents Christ in the best possible way. I hope and pray this is a place you can come when life feels like it’s just doing too much. (And we’ve all been there!) It’s always difficult for me to talk about me, but I know how important that is so here’s what I got for you….

I’ve lived in the great state of Texas for almost 20 years, but “home” for me is the great state of California (born and raised and where most of my fam still lives). Blogging in not quite my full-time job so let me fill you on those details. I’m a full-time adjunct sociology professor at the University of Texas at San Antonio (aka UTSA) and I also teach part-time at Park University. I teach several different courses in sociology such as Introduction to Sociology, Health Disparities, Families in Society, Social Problems, Race & Ethnicity, and Social Psychology. I hold a bachelors in communications and a masters in…you guessed it….sociology.

In January of 2019, I started a mentoring group with the same name as my blog (where the blog was inspired from) called Fit for your Purpose. My goal is to help college-aged young ladies get “fit” in their purpose. This includes academically, professionally, socially, and even spiritually. I have some amazing young ladies in this group! And lastly, (if that wasn’t enough) I’m also the author of my first self-published book entitled, “Reigning in the Storm.”

The most important job though that I have is that I’m a single mom to my AMAZING 15 year old daughter Jadyn.

I absolutely love my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ! It’s only through Him that I am where I am today, living in my purpose. He’s definitely blessed me more than I deserve. My hope and prayer is that I can be a daily example of His love and allow Him to use me in whatever way He sees fit.

I’ll end this with 5 fun facts about me…..#1-I LOOVVEE coffee (it’s a serious, serious addiction)…..#2-Favorite shows include I Love Lucy and Golden Girls (I like reruns because I can work and “watch” at the same time without being distracted since I’ve seen them over 100 times :-)…..#3-I love to cook and bake (not quite at the Bobby Flay level but I do pretty decent)…..#4-My favorite restaurant (at the moment) is Grimaldi’s Pizzeria…..#5-I absolutely love, love, love my teaching job!

God has blessed me with the ability to see the world through a sociological lens and also through my faith lens. One helps me to understand individuals and societal issues, and the other gives me a Biblical foundation to use as my anchor. I understand and teach on why people do the things they do, but I also understand how God created us and that He created us for a purpose. Both benefit me in relating to others, while effortlessly displaying a level of empathy and encouragement that I love to share with people.

I pray God blesses you and I look forward to helping you get fit in your purpose!

-Favor 🙂