Just Passing Through

“Continuing in time toward completion of a process or period.” 

It’s amazing to me that we so often take for granted the words we use so regularly, but don’t ever really stop to think about what they really mean. That sentence above is one of the definitions of the word “through.” When was the last time you went through something?

I’m going to guess that it was recently and if not recently, currently. We all go through things in life. That is something we all share in common. I think what we forget though is what “through” really means. 

We go through a difficult time at school…”we’re continuing in time toward completion of that period.” 

We go through broken relationships, “we continue on in time toward completion of that process.” 

We go through a loss of a job…”we continue on in time toward completion of that period.” 

We go through bad days…”we continue in time…” You get the point.

So often we go through the storms and trials of life and feel like we’re going to stay there. And you know what? Many people do. They pull up in their car, put it in park, lean their chair back, and lean back to stay there for months and even years. They have passed on the opportunity to continue in time toward completion of the process. 

You know what happens when you park in the middle of a storm? More damage occurs that is often preventable. Driving through the storm will undoubtedly be painful, stressful, tiresome, and will often even make you angry. It’s uncomfortable and frustrating. It’s sad and at times leaves you feeling like the darkness isn’t going to turn to light. 

But please know if you slowly lean your seat back up, put the car in drive, and drive slowly forward, you will make it through. You will make it through whatever challenging storm you face. 

Acknowledge the rain, the wind, the clouds, and the “hell.” When you feel and acknowledge the pain and challenges you’re dealing with, you’ve literally taken the first step to getting to the other side. 

And you know what happens on the other side? You get to take a deep breath, smile, encourage others, and tell them…”I was just passing through.” 🙂

God Bless!


“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil….”-Psalms 23:4 NIV

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