After the Fire Came a Whisper

Sometimes, I think the image that many have of God is that of Morgan Freeman in the movie Bruce Almighty,where he has a booming, deep voice, and walks around in a white Armani suit (ok maybe not the second part). But we certainly often visualize Him as being loud. Many a great-grandmother has told her grandchildren that thunderstorms were God’s way of speaking to us. No wonder we think God has Morgan Freeman’s voice!

God speaks to every single one of us and I can pretty much guarantee you that it’s not in the sound of fictional movie character. Many people often believe that God isn’t speaking when in reality, it’s that often times we’re not listening. More times than not, His voice is a gentle whisper, a soft nudge, or a calming spirit. 

In the midst of living temporarily in my nice cave (i.e. my apartment), I received this phrase from God—after the fire came a whisper—which comes straight from 1 Kings 19:12. It was absolutely no coincidence that God showed me this after a literal house fire. 

This phrase will forever hold significance to me and has changed the way I see so many things in life that I had it engraved on a necklace to wear as a reminder of God’s faithfulness. So, what did I pull from it that I want to share? It’s this—God speaks to us all the time yet often our lives are so noisy that we can’t hear Him. 

I will never say or believe that God caused my house fire, but I do believe He allowed it to happen for a greater purpose. If not for that traumatic event, there’s so many lessons I (and Jadyn) would not have received.

It wasn’t until God removed what I refer to as the three P’s from my life (property, possessions, and people) that I really noticed how cluttered my life was with “noise.” It wasn’t until I realized that, yes, I can function off the bare minimum of clothes, kitchen supplies, and basically everything I was used to having, that it became very clear to me that noise comes in all shapes and forms.

Noise isn’t always your downstairs neighbor blaring their music at 7am on a Saturday morning (true story and no knock to apartment living but this made me SO glad to be back in my house)! Noise is often things we don’t even realize are taking our attention: tv, news, social media, gossip, arguments, people, negativity, and yes, even stuff!

Our lives in 2021 are inundated with so much “noise” that it can be very difficult to know just how to get rid of it. The dilemma comes when we convince ourselves that staying “noisy” is better than what’s on the other side of quiet. 

Living within our purpose will take a level of sacrifice. Everyone’s level of sacrifice may look different, and that’s okay. Yet, I encourage you to take an inventory of the noise in your life. I for one have to work at it every single day. 

TV, news, social media, gossip, arguments, stuff, and negative Nancy’s aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but each of us has the ability to monitor what holds our attention the most. Once we take an honest inventory, it may lead us to a place where we realize that after all the fires go out, we’re in a much better position to hear the whisper of God. 

God Bless!


“After the earthquake, came a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire. And after the fire came a gentle whisper.” 1 Kings 19:12 NIV

One thought on “After the Fire Came a Whisper

  1. YES! God does speak to me in a quiet voice, often when I am walking or in bed at night asleep. I’ll wake up suddenly and hear Him then back to sleep. And you are right…we have much noise in our lives today. Your message has put me on notice to shut out the noise more often and listen for God.


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