How Tight Is Your R.O.P.E.?

What is your thing? We all have one (or many). You know what I’m talking about. Those “things” that annoy us just enough to where they become core to our belief system. Tardiness. Excuses. Negativity. I admittedly struggle at times with accepting these characteristics from others, especially when they’re repetitive. Yet on the positive side (because after all, I don’t like negativity 🙂 ) one of my “things” that I wholeheartedly appreciate is proactiveness. 

My students hear it all the time from me. Even my own daughter has heard it from me countless times. “Be proactive, not reactive.”

I get asked quite a bit to write letters of recommendations for students who want to apply to graduate school. There’s often a disparity in how students go about their request. Sometimes the requests are very simple and other times, a student will be proactive by setting up a time to meet with me, sending me all the information (and then some) up front without me having to even ask, and even sending out reminder emails. 

This example led me to the question I’m asking you—How tight is your R.O.P.E.? 

R.O.P.E.=Responsibility, Organization, Professionalism, Enthusiasm 

Responsibility: One definition of this word states: “the opportunity or ability to act independently and make decisions without authorization.” I also think of taking ownership–meaning this. Not one of us walking this earth is perfect, which means there will come a day when we make a mistake (or dozens). Whether it’s at school, work, or even in a relationship, owning what is ours in any capacity is something that will always benefit us when living in our purpose.  

Organization: I thrive off of organization and it’s one of my strengths. But I know everyone’s level of organization is different. (Ever meet that person who knows exactly where things are in their beautiful mess!) To function well in life, however, especially if we’re determined to walk in our purpose, a level of organization is a must. Imagine showing up to your dream job interview without the proper paperwork. Or what about preparing to teach with no structure. Or even attempting to study with no notes. No matter our job or lifestyle, we all need a certain level of structure and organization to be successful in our purpose.

Professionalism: There is no one size fits all to professionalism but there are some pretty standard norms. How are your emails written? How do you dress during an interview? Better yet, did you arrive early? How do respond to a text from your boss? And yes, even what you post on your social media can fall into this category. I get that social media is personal, but just like I tell my daughter (often)—someone is always watching!

Enthusiasm: If you’re not excited about your life goals and/or purpose, how do you expect anyone to get behind you? If you find yourself, unenthusiastic about any situation you’re in, then maybe that’s a signal it’s time for a change. A change that leads you to your God-given purpose. 

So, I ask, how tight is your R.O.P.E.?


“Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.” Galatians 6:5 MSG

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