20:21 Peace

Well, this year has started off anything but peaceful. To turn on the news is to turn on chaos, calamity, and catastrophes. (Have you taken a no news day lately? I promise you, they’re worth it.) I’m going to get straight to the point and ask this question…How are you managing your peace??

In order to find peace, you have to first understand what peace is. There are several definitions but the one I like most is very simple—freedom from disturbance; tranquility. The next step is where your self-awareness kicks in. You must pay attention to the moments in your life where you actually feel that freedom from disturbance and then make sure you do your part to implement them intentionally into your life. 

“Well Favor, thank you for that idealistic reminder of peace, but life is anything but that and I can’t just ignore all my responsibilities which are far from peaceful.” Trust me, this single mom gets it, but this isn’t about letting go of responsibilities. It’s about being intentional about how you create and manage your peace so you can bring the very best of yourself to your responsibilities. 

If there’s one thing I have learned and witnessed the truth in it’s this—life will always be filled with chaos, calamities, and catastrophes. So then if that’s the case, how will you choose to move forward in peace?

I don’t think it’s any coincidence at all that in John 20:21 Jesus says, “Peace be with you!” In this context He’s speaking to His disciples, but I think He’s speaking to us too. The Bible is filled with scriptures continuously reminding us to embrace peace. We as people may differ in countless ways, but one thing we all share is the ability to make decisions (i.e. freewill given to us by God). What we decide is what makes the difference in the final outcome. 

We can’t put the responsibility of creating our own peace on other people. We have to take full responsibility of that part of our life. Even in moments where your purpose in life feels so far off or everything around you feels like it’s too much, we have to love ourselves enough to create that peace. 

That may mean inviting people in or asking for space. It could be a simple run to the store alone to gather your thoughts or a day with just your best friend and no one else. It may be spending your lunch break alone reading instead of on social media. Or it may be a virtual dinner with your three best friends. Whatever your peace looks like, find it, and be intentional about creating those moments. 

2021 may have started off shaky but we can decide that no matter what’s happening that’s outside of our control, we can hold onto what Jesus said while also making “20:21” our story of this year—Peace be with you!

God Bless your 2021!


“Then Jesus said again, ‘Peace be with you. It is the Father who sent me, and now I am sending you in the same way.'” John 20:21 ERV

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