Guinea Pig Blessings

Now that I have your attention from the title, let me explain why I’ve called it this.

In my cave (see prior blogs to know what I’m referring to) I have been learning quite a bit. However, this hasn’t come easy. I’ve cried, I’ve been frustrated, and even thrown a few temper tantrums (minus the rolling on the floor part). Directed at no one in particular, but sometimes, if I’m being completely honest, I have had moments of being frustrated with God for the place I was at. 

But then like He always does, He told me to calm down and pay attention. (Not in those exact words, but you get the idea.) This is what led me to share about my guinea pig blessing.

Sometime around September Jadyn got it stuck in her head that she wanted a guinea pig (actually it would be two since apparently, they’re supposed to be bought in pairs). I think it was a combination of being home all the time with online school, quarantined, and missing her dogs who now reside at my boyfriend’s house (since I’m not forking out a month’s salary just for a pet deposit—okay maybe not that much but still more than I want to pay in temporary housing). 

Being the ever amazing mom that I am to a persistent teenager, I gave her the response that I know she loves receiving from me—“I’ll think about it.” Fast forward about a month later (after I agree to probably go ahead and get them once they were back in stock at Petsmart,) I was taking my garbage out and when I opened my door, guess what I see out on the grass in front of our apartment? Yep, guinea pigs! (No lie)

My neighbor had her guinea pigs (three to be exact) out on the front grass while she was cleaning their cages. I don’t care what you do or don’t believe, but what are the odds that our temporary apartment would be next door to someone with guinea pigs and no, we never knew they had them! So, for the next 30 minutes or so, we all had a conversation about life with guinea pigs. Obviously, this fueled Jadyn’s desire for them even more seeing them up close and personal. 

Last month as I was leaving my apartment, my neighbor stopped me to tell me that they received a job offer in another city and would be moving and wanted to know if Jadyn and I wanted two of their guinea pigs…for free! Not only would we get the guineas, but they would gladly give us all their cages, toys, food, and belongings because they just wanted them to go to a good home!

So, is a guinea pig blessing just the fact that we received everything for free? Well, that’s part of it. The bigger lesson is that so much of my time has been spent praying for the bigger things in life (finances, family members, health, peace in our nation, my students, my house to be rebuilt) that it can be easy to forget that God cares about the smaller things as well. 

I can easily see someone taking issue with the fact that God is not worried about guinea pigs when there’s so much more to worry about. But I would argue He loves us SO much that He not only wants to answer our big prayers but that He wants us to come to Him with the little ones as well. I think sometimes it’s so easy to only call on God with the so-called big things that we forget He cares just as much about the so-called little things. Take time to thank God for even the smaller blessings in your life.

Did I actually pray for the guinea pigs? Not in so many words, but I have prayed for my daughter. You see, in the midst of life’s craziness I believe God knew this would be a bright spot for Jadyn who is without her friends, teachers, sports, and theater. And with her being an only child, I can imagine life can get downright lonely. 

I encourage you to trust God with ALL areas of your life. Nothing is too big or too small for Him—not even a guinea pig. 🙂

God Bless!


“That’s why I urge you to pray for absolutely everything, ranging from small to large. Include everything as you embrace this God life, and you’ll get God’s everything.”  Mark 11:24 MSG

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