Dear Grandma…

I write this blog (letter) to you just two days after you have left us to go to heaven. I’m more blessed than most that I had my grandmother in my life for an amazing 40 years. We have always had a special bond, which I always attributed to our birthdays being just four days apart. I’m not too big on the whole astrology thing, but it was quite interesting that both of us cancers were so much alike.

I loved being your granddaughter. There are no words to truly express just how much you meant to me. I know I have a journey ahead of me to heal from you not being here on earth anymore, but I assure you that I have peace. I have had peace because I know you’re with our Heavenly Father now. 

I’m actually at a loss of words because I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to tell you how much I loved you and show you in many ways how special you were. That’s what life should be about right? Telling those people who mean the most to us how much we love them. You knew how much I loved you and for that reason I have peace.

You were (and are) proud of me. You told me that often. I hope I continue to make you proud. My goal has been to live a life of purpose, kindness, respect, and love. And your life and long career as a nurse was truly that; a life of purpose, kindness, respect, and love. Thank you for modeling that and thank you for all the amazing memories. 

Thanksgiving and Christmas at your house will be missed. Your sour cream cake will be missed. Your hugs and kisses will be missed. And more than anything, your presence will be missed. 

As I continue to strive to lead a life of purpose while encouraging others to do the same, I will always remember how proud of me you were. I will allow that to push me in the moments where I feel discouraged and remember that you’re still proud of me. I love you more than words can express. Thank you for being an amazing grandma. 

Your Granddaughter,


I write this not for sadness, but for encouragement. Life, when compared to eternity with our Heavenly Father, is quite short. God created us all to live a life of purpose. That life of purpose is not only a gift to you, but it can have such an amazing impact on others. I encourage you to take another step in that direction to live the life God created just for you. God Bless!

“There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” Ecclesiastes 3:1

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