What If I Should Have…???

“What if I should have taken that job instead of this job?” 

“What if I should have left sooner?” 

“What if I should have chosen someone else?” 

“What if I should have majored in that instead of this?” 

“What if I should have_________?” 

The list is endless, right?

How often have you asked yourself the question we all ask ourselves several times throughout our life—“What if I should have?” My guess is you’ve asked yourself that question more times than you can count. I know I have. 

We’re all human and we all wonder if we’re making the “right” decisions when it comes to this journey of life. And let’s face it, regardless of what you believe or don’t believe, how old you are, your race, your gender, your sexuality, or your religion, one thing we all share in common is that we cannot go back and change what has already happened. (If you have figured out how to do this, PLEASE email me ASAP because there’s a short list of people I need to go back and have a few words with! 🙂 )

One of the reasons I love being a mentor is that I believe in passing it forward. Life, from my perspective, is about learning through experiences and passing that knowledge on to someone who can benefit from it. I love to encourage and inspire because I know the power in being affirmed and hearing a positive word. That affirmation may just be the one thing that pushes someone into their God given purpose. 

This particular blog is inspired by several of the young ladies in my mentoring group who are all on a path of greatness, as I like to say. I’m blessed to be even just a small part of their lives. I see a bit of myself in each of them, which allows us to connect in a way where I truly understand where they are coming from. Several are experiencing the feelings of this question even as we speak.

“Professor Campbell, what if I should have taken the other job, instead of this job?” “What if I should have switched my major in graduate school? What if I should have moved instead of staying put? What if I shouldn’t have moved?” These are several of the questions that I have received lately as many of these young ladies are stepping into a new chapter of their life. The answer I give them is simple. There is no wrong choice. 

Are there “wrong” choices in life? Yes! Absolutely! But my conversations are with ladies who are already on a positive path and are just putting all the pieces together of their life journey. They know where they’re headed; they’re just in a season of beginning a new chapter, which can often come with a lot of uncertainty. None of them have made the “wrong” decision because everything they go through is and can be a learning experience. 

The awesome thing about God is He will never leave you out there by yourself. He’s always there to help guide you through life if you choose to accept His help. I find a level of peace in this that’s indescribable. This always makes me reflect on what He tells us in Romans 8:28. “And we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose for them.”  

This simply means, no matter how off course you may feel that you have gotten, no matter how many “wrong” choices that you think you have made, EVERYTHING can be worked out for good, if you allow God to take control. 

I dedicate this blog to every single lady I have the privilege of mentoring and I remind you all to not focus on the “should have’s” but focus on “what’s to come.” Nobody gets anything right the first time. Nobody has life figured out to where they have made no mistakes. You will get knocked down and around a few times but getting back up is what matters. (And if you find the person who tells you that they haven’t made any mistakes, run fast the other way!) 

We’re always going to wonder if we made the right decision. It’s human nature. There will also be moments where we are confident in our decisions. In each of these moments, trust God to be your guide and always remember that everything can and will work out for good!

God Bless!

Favor 🙂

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