What Are You Letting In?

It’s two ‘o clock in the morning and your doorbell rings, along with simultaneous knocking on the door. I’d imagine, if you’re like me, 2am is when you’re in a deep sleep and the last thing you’re expecting is a knock at your door. You pop up and wonder, “Who on EARTH could be coming by my house at THIS hour?!” Your mind races and you immediately conclude this can’t be good. In fact, a visitor at this hour must mean bad news or danger. 

You stumble out of bed, and maneuver around your house to make your way to the front door. You grab your weapon of choice (I live in Texas, so this is a typical next step) and you move slowly to the door. The doorbell rings again, and you do what any other rational thinking person would do. You DON’T open the door!!!

This seems like common sense, right? So why then, do we allow bad news and danger into our homes on a regular basis. Let me explain. 

Anyone who knows me well, has listened to or watched any of my YouTube videos, or has sat in one of my classrooms knows one thing about me. I’m not shy about expressing that I’m no longer a fan of social media. (You can find me on social media, but I’m not really on it! In fact, my 14- year old “manages” my Instagram. 🙂 )

Each of us has control over what we allow into our homes. I don’t mean your actual house. I mean your home that consists of your mind, your body, and your soul. They’re all connected and if one is off, I guarantee it’s not going to be too long before the others are off as well.

So, I ask, what are you allowing in? Whether you realize it or not, everything you let into your mind, body, and soul impacts you for good or for bad. If you overeat, your body will rebel against you. If you’re overwhelmed with stress, your mind will keep you up at night. And if you don’t have a relationship with God, your soul will ache for the peace that only He can bring. 

So, I ask again—what are you allowing in? Does your day start with the dozens of news stories that are all negative in nature? Do you wake up and immediately look at your phone to check all of the emails waiting for you? Does your day have more “scroll time” then it should? Do you find yourself irritated, upset, or even stressed out by what you receive from all of these things? I ask these questions because I’ve been there in each of these scenarios. And I quickly learned that only one person could make the necessary changes in all of these scenarios to gain control over what is allowed in. You guessed it—you.  

Now let’s just say, I lose all the sense that Jesus has given me, and I opened the door at 2am without checking to see who it was. Chances are, the outcome isn’t going to be good. So why then, do we allow “danger” and “bad news” into our minds continuously on a day to day basis? 

As a sociologist, I understand, recognize, and sometimes teach on the impact of social media and its contribution to things such as low self-esteem; how it has contributed to an increase in depression; how it contributes to bullying (often times by adults who should know better); and how it has allowed people to say things that they would have NEVER once thought to say out loud to another human being. 

Through this lens I also understand something that I teach to my students called impression management. Simply put, we adjust how we appear to people in a way that’s not often a true representation of our true selves. 

As an empath, my heart hurts by all the negativity spewed by so many, so I have to monitor what I allow in.  And as a Christian, I’m truly saddened that people often choose to attack one another instead of demonstrating love.

Sometimes being informed of the news is an absolute necessity, but I’ve learned it’s okay to go a few days here and there without checking any news. And you know what? It’s amazing how much of a positive impact I feel in my soul because of it. 

I always mention that I’m a realist and realistically speaking, I know many people are going to continue on with social media and many of the issues I mentioned above will continue to persist. But for you, as you read my blog, my prayers are that it can cause you to pause and reflect on what you’re letting in. I want nothing but the best for people. I want people to experience a life full of joy, happiness, but even more importantly, a life of peace. All of these contribute to you living an amazing life of purpose.

Maybe it’s time to treat social media like the 2am visitor. Maybe it’s time to hesitate before you click onto it. Maybe it’s time to ask, “Is this going to be beneficial for me to do today?” Maybe it’s time to take a social media vacation. It doesn’t have to be a long one or even a permanent vacation. And if you feel that a vacation is too much, it simply might be time to start being intentional about what you let in. 🙂

God Bless You!

Favor 🙂

Proverbs 4:23 Above all, be careful what you think because your thoughts control your life. 

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